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SimplePOS is:

Simple: Designed considering the feedback from retailers, SimplePOS is very easy to use due to its intuitive interface. Anyone can learn how to use it, no special training is required.

Flexible: SimplePOS will suit any trading sector, it is currently being used in the Corner Shops and Grocery Stores, Coffee Shops and Restaurants, DIY Shops and Discount Stores, Beauty Salons and Shooting Ranges.

Scalable: SimplePOS can handle anything from a single-till shop to a multi-location and multi-till supermarket chain. Managers can maintain the stock and sales data from any system or from a dedicated computer in the head office or even from home.

Powerful: SimplePOS has hundreds of features, reports and settings to help your business to run more effectively and can easily work with the huge amount of data even on the very weak systems. Simple POS can even revamp your old till and give a new look and feel and of course an array of features.

Reliable: With the daily backups in the cloud, you will always have your data safe even if something goes wrong with the hardware.

Time saving: No need to spend lots of time counting products, creating a purchase order or mark products with the price tags any more. SimplePOS can create a purchase order, move and take stock, print shelf labels and much more in just a few clicks.

Secure: SimplePOS can help you track your employees’ actions and prevent fraud. You can create as many user accounts as you need, provide them with the different level of access to the system and passwords.

Adaptable: SimplePOS can be synchronized with your online store to maintain stock and sales. Products can be exported from the ePOS, saving hours of work adding products on the website. SimplePOS is constantly improving with new features added every week or on demand.

With SimplePOS, we ensure high level of accuracy, reliability, data storage for quicker access at later times and fast data recording as and when needed. We love long term relationships and it’s our utmost desire to never let you go. So to keep you satisfied forever, we have a variety of attractive packages, which include a wide range of supportive measures that will never disappoint you.

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