Chip&Pin integration

We are happy to let you know that we are now partnered with PaymentSense, the leading card payment provider in the UK. Our EPoS software is now fully certified and integrated with Chip&Pin devices provided by PaymentSense.

What are the benefits of switching to PaymentSense?

PaymentSense aim to:

  • Beat or at least match your existing rates.
  • Cover cancellation expenses with your existing provider for the value of £3000.
  • Give 50% off for the first 12 months of Chip&Pin rental.
  • Free integration with our EPoS.

Limited time offer

If you switch by the 31st of August, you will get FREE Chip&Pin device! That means no monthly rentals for the terminal, AT ALL!


Click here to contact us now and we will arrange a no-obligation call from PaymentSense to discuss your options and a quote.

What is the integration?

Integrated Chip&Pin device is connected to your till via the secure Cloud. No more juggling with the Chip&Pin! Once connected, Chip&Pin will stay in one place, faced to the customer. You may see the integrated Chip&Pin devices in the large supermarkets, such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc.

What are the benefits of integrated Chip&Pin?

No need to grab the terminal in your hands enter the amount of sale and hand it over to the customer. The EPoS will send the amount directly to the Chip&Pin then wait for a PIN and finalise the sale. All in a few seconds by pressing one button.

  • Fast transactions – fewer queues.
  • No mistyped errors – happier customers.
  • Accurate end of day reports – happier you and/or your bookkeeper.